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Fotos Famosas, ¿Real o Fake?

Tourist Atop World Trade Center, 9/11/01/ FAKE

Tsunami Strikes Phuket, Thailand/ FAKE


Wacky 'Drunk Building'/ REAL


World's Biggest Dog/ FAKE

A Snake, Fishing/ REAL

Space Nebula Resembles Human Eye/ REAL


Spiders Found in Iraq Desert/ REAL


Strange Boat/ REAL

The Sundarbans Ghost/ FAKE

Rare Amphibian Found in Malaysia/ FAKE

Sandstorm in Iraq/ REAL

Montana Forest Fire/ REAL


Satellite Photo: Space Shuttle Tragedy/ FAKE


Shark Attacks Helicopter/ FAKE


Monster Crocodile in the Congo/ REAL

Mummified Fairy/ FAKE


North Pole Sunset/ FAKE


Public Toilet w/Glass/ REAL

Illegal Alien Hides in Dashboard/ REAL

Indoor Ski Resort in Dubai/REAL


Largest Cat/ REAL

Live 'Worm' in Patient's Eye/ REAL


MiG Jet Fighter Found Buried in Iraq/ REAL

Hand-Feeding Hummingbirds/ REAL

Herman the Giant Bunny/ REAL


Highest Bridge in the World/ REAL


Home Computer of the Future as Envisioned in 1954/ FAKE


Human Remains Found in Crocodile/ FAKE

Giant Grizzly Bear/ REAL

Fishermen with Giant Catfish/ REAL


Giant House Cat/ FAKE


Giant Skeleton Found in Middle East/ FAKE


Giant Texas Gator/ REAL

Cloud Formation Resembles 'Hands of God'/ FAKE

Cruel Shoes/ REAL


Dead Wife in Coffee Table/ FAKE


Dead Frog Found in Can of Peas/ REAL


Dog Meets Porcupine/ REAL

Pres. Bush Fishing in Hurricane/ FAKE

Carcass of Dead Mermaid/ FAKE


Cash Seized in Drug Bust/ REAL


Catfish Eats Rubber Ball/ REAL


Christmas at Arlington Cemetery/ REAL

Albino Fawn/ REAL

Alligator's Lunch/ REAL


Amazingly Realistic Street Painting/ REAL


Animal-Human Hybrid/ FAKE


Black & White Twins/ REAL

Tsunami Strikes Phuket, Thailand/ FAKE
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